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Work from Home Transcription Companies (100+ Job Leads)

transcription jobs huge list of work at home Most transcription jobs are flexible and allow you to work remotely. If you’re new to transcription or if you have never heard tell of working at home as a transcriptionist, you might find these other resources helpful:

When you’re looking for transcription work, be aware that in most cases this type of job pays by the work you complete and not by the hour you spend completing the work. If the company says that you’ll be paid $60 per audio hour you can expect to make around $15 for a clock hour of work.

The time that it takes to transcribe an audio file will vary. Typically it takes a seasoned transcriptionist an average of four hours to transcribe one hour of audio; it could take up to eight hours-or more-with difficult audio. Given the fluctuation in turn around time, I would be cautious when accepting work in this industry that pays less than $1.00 per audio minute.

The only time I recommend transcription jobs that pay less than the industry standard of $1/am, is if you are a complete beginner and you’re having trouble passing the tests to work at transcription companies that pay well. Companies like Scribe, Rev, and Crowdsurf are great starting points in the industry if you don’t want to pay for training, but move on once you feel confident enough to test with other companies.

Recommended transcription equipment:

If you’re new to transcription and are looking for resources, I wrote Become a Work at Home Transcriptionist (Resources and 30+ Job Leads). In this article you’ll find equipment recommendations, grammar resources, and more. Honestly, you can do this job with a laptop and speakers, but having a headset and foot pedal will help you hone your skills immensely and in the long run make you more money.

About this list of remote transcription companies:

I update this list with work from home transcription companies regularly. As I mention on every page, please be diligent and do your research. Good luck with your job search.


If you have a remote / work from home transcription company that you’d like to add to this list please e-mail the details to with the subject Transcription Lead.

Cambridge Transcriptionists USlegal, medical, corporate, technical
Daily TranscriptionCA, UScorporate, legal, academic
SpeakWriteCA, USgeneral, legal
Accutran GlobalCA, USgeneral. Legal, medical
Landmark AssociatesCA, US, North Americageneral
3 Play MediaUSgeneral
Alice Darling Secretarial ServicesUSgeneral, technical, academic
Focus ForwardUSmedical, corporate, legal, general
Neal R. Gross & Co.USlegal, general, government
Net TranscriptsUSgeneral
TelelanguageUSlegal, insurance
GMR TranscriptionUSgeneral
Verbal InkUSgeneral
Allegis Communications IncUSinsurance
CyberDictateUSgeneral, legal
Amazon MTurkUSgeneral
AlphaDog TranscriptionUSgeneral, corporate, academic, entertainment, insurance
Cactus CommunicationsWorldwidemedical
BAM! TranscriptionUSgeneral, legal, entertainment
Birch Creek CommunicationsUScorporate, general
Way With WordsWorldwidemedical, academic, legal, general
QuickTateWorldwidegeneral, legal, medical
CrowdSurfworldwidegeneral, academic
Kendall Creek CommunicationsUSlegal, political
RNK TranscriptionUSgeneral
T’NTUSgeneral, entertainment
Welocalizeworldwidegeneral, lyrics
A and P Transcription Servicesworldwidelegal, general
Accuscribes Transcription ServiceUSlegal, general, corporate
Caset AssociatesUStechnical, medical
At Home Typing ServiceUSlegal, general
Dictate ExpressUSlegal, corporate, insurance, general
eTranscription SolutionsUSlegal, corporate, insurance, general
ExpedictUSinsurance, legal, technology, general
eWord SolutionsUSlegal, medical, general
Fantastic TranscriptsUSlegal, medical, general
Hollywood TranscriptionUSlegal, corporate, entertainment, academic, general
Modern Day ScribeUSlegal, corporate, insurance, academic, general
On the Record Reporting and TranscriptionUS, Austin TXgeneral
OutSecworldwidelegal, medical, corporate, property, interview
Multilingual ConnectionsUSlegal, medical, corporate, property, interview
Preferred TranscriptionsUSmedical, legal, business, academic
Production TranscriptsUSgeneral, corporate
Reporting USAUSlegal
Same Day TranscriptionsUSgeneral
Say It Back USentertainment, media, general
Silent SecretaryUSlegal, insurance, corporate, general
Take 1UK, maybe worldwideentertainment
Transcription CentreUS, UKgeneral
Transcript DivasUSentertainment, academic, legal, general
TSI Transcription ServicesUSlegal, government, general, academic, medial
Transcription ExpertsUScorporate, legal, medical, government, law enforcement
Transcription Outsourcing, LLCUSlaw enforcement, medical, financial, legal, general
Voxtabworldwideacademic, business, general, medical, legal
We Scribe ItUSgeneral, legal, medical
Word WizardsUSgeneral, legal
Written CommunicationsUS, CAgeneral
Absolute TranscriptionUSMedical
Amphion Medical Solutions USMedical
Eight Crossings
M ModalCAMedical
Nuance TranscriptionUSMedical
Penrad Imaging USMedical
Perfect TranscriptionUSMedical
Phoenix Medcom, Inc.USMedical
Precision TranscriptionUSMedical
Superior Transcribing Service, LLCUSMedical
Terra NovaCAMedical
Word ZXpressedUSMedical, Legal, Court Reporting
X-Press TranscriptionUSMedical
Caption Max USMedical, Captioning
Caption Media GroupUSCaptioning
Fenton TranscriptionUSMedical, General, Government
The Transcription Center, Inc.USMedical
MedScribe Information SystemsUSMedical
EZ Scribe USMedical
ProScript Documentation ServicesUSMedical
QMedET SolutionsUSMedical
Mobile Assistant, Inc.USMedical
Saince Transcription ServicesUSMedical
Alpha TranscriptionUSMedical
Integrity HDUSMedical
Command Health USMedical


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